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Welcome to 2021!

HCRA had its first meeting in January and is ready to tackle 2021 - whatever it may bring.

First, your new Committee Chairpersons have been named - check out the Director and Committee Chairpersons list link on the left side of this website. We love new committee members and volunteers - feel free to reach out of you find something of interest!

Second, HCRA is moving forward as if we will be able to host our Championship Race in August. We don't yet know if that is going to be possible, but we are actively planning in hopes that racing in some form will happen for our paddlers this year. Right now, COVID numbers are not decreasing rapidly enough but with further restrictions now to decrease spread and the vaccine starting to be more readily available, Hawaii may be in a position by mid-summer to have sporting events. We will keep everyone informed if as we continue through the planning process and because of the commitments required to host the race (permits, purchases, flights/hotels), we will try to make the "go-no go" call as early as we can.

In that regard, more clubs are starting to paddle and are working toward organized practices. Each County in Hawaii has differing requirements. Your Association representatives are versed in what your County requires and any permitting, practices, and/or events should be organized with appropriate safety protocols in place. While we all want to be on the water and be competitive, safety of our fellow paddlers, our families and our community must remain our priority. And not to harp on my common message but please sign your HCRA waivers. Even if you don't register people into our database right now, organized practices that are leading toward racing require your members to execute the insurance waiver. Please be diligent in making sure this happens.

The HCRA Board also set its annual meeting schedule and that is posted. Our meetings are generally open meetings (unless we are in executive session for some reason) and your association representative can provide you the zoom link prior to the meeting or, when we are allowed to meet in person, you are welcome to join and hear what we are doing.

Finally, I would encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the video in this link.

The Na Opio group cannot paddle right now so they are working on projects - one of which is recordation of histories. They started with themselves - it is awesome! We are hopeful that since HCRA just passed a milestone year, we will be able to start archiving our history in a meaningful way and hopefully partner with a larger institution to create a more permanent archive. If you have older programs, photos, stories, awards, or anything else you want to share or even get rid of, please let our History Chairperson know.

If you want to reference the 2021 Bylaws and Race Rules, those are also posted here on our website (look left).

Please go and enjoy some water time and check back here at least monthly for updates on your Association's season as well as the HCRA Championship and other larger races and events.