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As 2020 winds its way to a close and a brighter 2021 appears on the horizon, I wanted to leave the paddling ohana with a few thoughts.

Thank you to all of the HCRA and association directors, association representatives, coaches, board members, and leadership teams from each club and association. This was a most challenging year and the leadership teams were outstanding to work with. Their goal was always what was best for the health and welfare of the community as a whole.

It was heartening to learn that while most of us could not take to the water in groups or a competitive environment, no one was sitting around. Many clubs and groups focused their time, energy and resources to projects to benefit society. There were food drives, interviews of leaders and kupuna, blood drives, support for clean-up efforts, assistance with homeless sheltering and resource management, and food giveaways, among other projects. This care for our neighbors and our environment is what makes Hawaii and the paddling community strong.

There remains work to be done. The toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet fully known but it will be large. More than ever before we are going to need to work together to bring our communities back online. As paddlers, we will continue to have a leadership role in demonstrating how to resume activities in a meaningful and safe environment. Are there going to be challenges - absolutely. Will we have to change the way we have traditionally done things - no doubt. But we are up to the challenge.

Stay in touch with us. This website will be updated as we learn more about what our distance and regatta season may look like in 2021. Our meetings will start in mid-January (via zoom) and will be held in April, July, October and December via methods that are appropriate given the circumstances at that time. HCRA's committees are active - feel free to volunteer - we always have room for more and more hands equals less work.

As we wrap up HCRA's 70th anniversary, we mourn what we were not able to do in 2020 but we are optimistic that what is to come will be better than ever.

Wishes for a safe, healthy, prosperous season.

Your HCRA Board